About us

Lorien Interiors specialize in supplying and fitting high quality kitchens to housebuilders and developers. Our expertise is particularly suited to small and medium housebuilders who want a more personal service.

Every member of our small team have a minimum 15 years experience of supplying and fitting kitchens to developments

We have no ‘mission statement’ preferring to work to some simple rules

  • Always return telephone calls even if we don’t have the answer you will know we haven’t forgotten you.
  • Tell our clients the best we can do – We find even bad news can be dealt with and plans made to overcome difficulties as long as we are honest with each other.
  • Present information in a concise and straightforward manner
  • We don’t present our customers with problems – We go to them with a potential problems and possible solutions.
  • Getting a new customer is the hard part so once we have persuaded you to try us we put every effort into ensuring you keep coming back – Much cheaper than trying to fill an ever leaking bucket!

We believe there are only three key areas on which decisions are made on whether a purchase is made – Products, Service & Price.



Please feel free to review the brands and ranges we offer. We do not manufacture so we are free to constantly review the market for the latest trends and ideas rather than being tied to a product range or brochure. Our ranges include everything from traditional ‘in-frame’ hand finished kitchens to imported chic German and Italian styles. Unlike many of our competitors we encourage you to visit our suppliers websites as they have the most up to date information on their products.

The clients we work with want a complete service so we have no problem that they may use this to try and undercut our pricing as any company who wants to buy all the components and put it all together to save a pound or two are not for us.


We work with our customers through from design to installation and aftersales.

Whilst our system has evolved and improved over many years it remains flexible and adaptable to take into account our customers own requirements and communication remains the key to our success.

The following is a list of many of the components of our system but please take time to look at our Site Managers Pack and Testimonials.


  • Inspiring designs including coloured perspectives
  • On site information for showhomes and sales staff
  • Clear concise quotes
  • Electrical drawings if required
  • Purchaser Revisions


Delivery and Installation

  • Pre- start meetings
  • Site Managers Pack
  • Full site survey on every plot
  • Pre-booked and confirmed deliveries
  • Dedicated (and helpful) Site fitters assigned to each site
  • Sign off  sheet to ensure aftersales are completed swiftly
  • Communication at all stages


Aftersales and customer care

  • Swiftly actioned
  • Timescales Advised
  • Good communication with both staff and purchasers
  • Pre-booked appointments



Firstly let us assure you we aren’t expensive – We compete with companies much larger than us and we are consistently successful in doing so – Though there is always someone willing to do the job cheaper!

It is worth considering that if you buy from us and then find you could buy cheaper elsewhere (setting aside the service and design aspects) then at worst you may have spent a couple of hundred pounds extra but if what you buy doesn’t meet your aspirations/requirements then you will have wasted ALL your money which could run into thousands.

So how do we compete with larger companies with better buying power?

  • Lower aftersales costs by getting it right first time
  • No expensive factories
  • Outsourcing deliveries
  • Direct accounts with major suppliers
  • Good credit control
  • Directors signing off every invoice



In a word we would summarize this as communication from dedicated staff who are interested in getting the job completed to a high standard not telling you why it can’t be done.

So why not have a look at what we do and give us the opportunity to quote your next development? After all if we have the products and the price is acceptable then all you need question is do we just talk the talk or can we walk the walk?

Speak to our current partners and vist some of our sites and chat to the site staff which we are happy to arrange but ultimately there is only one way to find out so please contact us and arrange an appointment.

Russell Booker.

Managing Director